Dates for 2015 so far 
I have been asked when I group bookings for 2015. Not all have been confirmed as yet but at present I have -
May 1st to 8th 2015 Island Holidays
May 23rd-30th 2015 Travelling Naturalist

I will be away working for most of August this year

Sept 19th-26th 2015 Travelling Naturalist
Sept 26th- 3rd Oct Private Group

I have some groups booked for this season. As of time of writing  these  are booked for the following dates when I will therefore not be available for my usual walks. There will also be the occasional single days when I am not doing my usual tours.

I am planning to give my weekly slideshows every Saturday night from 4th  April until early Oct. My tours will start around the same time and finish in early October.